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‘Today’s CEO functions at a faster pace than ever before, and it is vital they remain open to learning and growing despite the level of disruption we face. My goal is to help members who are seeking better solutions, to expand their knowledge, to be creative, and to challenge and be challenged.’

Tim Coates has made it his mission to be a big-picture generalist. He has been ‘on the other side of a lot of different desks’ as an executive and business owner, which has given him an incredible perspective on all business functions. He’s made a reputation for himself as a plain-English strategist who helps them to innovate for future outcomes.

As a TEC CEO Chair, Tim brings an expansive range of specialities, from a high-level legal perspective and complex problem-solving skills to the execution of personal and business transformations.

Prior to starting a business, Tim was in the Hospitality Industry for 18 years as a senior manager and executive, working in and around a changing landscape of compliance. He then started his own business, which he prides himself on having taken from startup to sale. He now uses his experience to help other CEOs of organisations to take a step back and focus on the things they need, to build better businesses, so they can enjoy better lives.

Tim mentors around the New England/North West and is committed to the advancement of the region’s businesses and community. He’s been an active member of many community, sporting, social and business organisations for the past 20 years, and was also an elected member of Tamworth Regional Council. Other highlights from his storied career include:

  • CEO for various businesses with up to 300 employees and $150m turnover
  • Held various executive and business consulting roles for more than 20 years
  • Founded, operated, and sold his own Vocational Training Business
  • Awarded the male advocate award by the Zonta Club of Tamworth 2018
  • Paul Harris Fellow 2012 for service to the community
  • New England North West Business Leader of the Year 2016
  • President Tamworth Business Chamber 8 years
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