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A business owner, I recently coached shared that ‘our one hour together was the most valuable hour she had spent this year’. Being able to have a positive impact on another business owner drives me forward.

Ben Grozier’s spent over 25 years as a small business owner / operator and tech company founder / CEO. His passion is advising business owners and founders to help them become better operators and more fulfilled people in life and work.

He’s a qualified educator with experience in school and tertiary settings which he believes helps him deliver excellent advisory services when combined with his extensive business experience. Ben’s experience in balancing business ownership and small children gives him good insights as well!

Ben’s ‘day job’ is as co-founder of ClassCover Pty Ltd – a SAAS that saves over 3,300 schools and 100k teachers vast amounts of time and stress for schools when managing relief teaching staff.

In addition to his work with ClassCover, he oversees the team at Thomas Grozier and Son Pty Ltd, his family manufacturing business that has been in operation for over 80 years.

In his role as a Chair with TEC, he works with an inspirational and diverse group of business owners and facilitates the confidential sharing of knowledge and experience to help them reach their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Launching ClassCover’s ‘HomeTeacher’ product was a career highlight and the most fulfilling project of Ben’s life thus far. He built an online tutoring marketplace that, during the Covid-19 lockdowns matched casual teachers who had lost employment and income with parents needing help fulfilling home schooling obligations. He went on to partner with The Smith Family and employ over 250 teachers to work with over 500 highly disadvantaged children in an online tutoring setting. The results were nothing short of stunning as the company saw most of the children move forward years in their literacy and numeracy skills in just 20 weeks of one-on-one tutoring.

Ben Grozier

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