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Hosted by: Stephanie Christopher, CEO at TEC


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Join Stephanie Christopher, as she sits down with business leaders and inspiring guests covering relevant leadership topics that are top of mind for SME business leaders. If you're passionate about growth, looking for fresh inspiration or just interested in what other leaders are doing, then this podcast is for you.

David Jenyns TEC Live

78: Systemise your business for success

In a podcast, David Jenyns discusses his journey in systemizing businesses, emphasizing the value of building a systemized business for efficiency and growth, offering 8 essential tips for success.
Trudy-MacDonald TEC Live Podcast

77: From burnout to brilliance

Leaders face burnout in this evolving work landscape. Hear the 4 key reasons and how leaders can help themselves and their teams to mitigate burnout and become a high performance team.
Melo Calarco Beating Burnout

76: Beating Burnout, Finding Balance

In this podcast episode Melo Calarco, the author of Beating Burnout, Finding Balance, keynote speaker and corporate programs facilitator reveals how business leaders can stay energized and perform at their best. Melo, as a mindfulness and high-performance expert, provides insights…

Tim Martin net101 TEC Live

74: Generative AI for SMEs with Tim Martin

In this podcast, Tim Martin sheds light on the historical journey of AI and how you can position your organisation to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.
warren hogan TEC Live

73: Economic Insights with Warren Hogan

In this podcast, Warren Hogan provides an in-depth analysis of Australia's economic landscape and the rationale behind his views on interest rates and inflation.
Colin Fraser TEC Live Podcast

70: Where technology intersects with the future of work

Colin Fraser, discusses the opportunities and challenges caused by generative AI technology, particularly in fields traditionally considered outside the realm of automation.  He touches on the potential resistance to adopting AI tools in conservative professions, like finance due to concerns about…