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Facilitating a process that can impact on my members’ lives both professionally and personally is extremely rewarding. As a Chair, I love guiding the group to challenge and explore a fellow member’s issue or opportunity and seeing the power of the group help that member pivot and see a new root cause.

Graham Morgan is a Chair, Mentor and Advisor who truly understands the ups and downs that many business owners and senior leaders go through. He has bought, sold and improved the performance of over 30 businesses throughout his career. This experience gives Graham a unique perspective, ability and passion to help today’s companies build the resources they need to meet their short-term and long-term goals.

In 2013, he established his consulting firm – Morgan Shaw Advisory. The business had two clear objectives

  1. to help business owners maximise the value of their business
  2. to guide them through complex business sale processes whilst keeping them safe and sane

These objectives are still at the heart of Graham’s business and are the foundation of how he operates as a TEC Chair. His approach is calm, empathetic, and strategic. He understands the complex issues CEOs face while still asking the tough questions to help them arrive at the answers that will transform their businesses and lives.

Graham’s career has many highlights including a proven track record in taking a company to where it needs for sale, IPO, merger or future growth. He is able to seamlessly integrate and standardise functions and operations across an organisation to drive maximum potential and productivity whilst mitigating any risk. His other accomplishments include:

  • Launching Morgan Shaw Advisory in 2013 to help SME business owners increase the value of their business
  • Held significant growth leadership roles for public and private companies in challenging industry sectors requiring a transformational change
  • Guided several female mentees through personal and professional challenges into senior roles and one securing a prestigious board position in a male-dominated industry
  • Transformed the operations in both the Textile and Media industries in the UK
  • Group Chief Executive Officer for GEON, leading operations while building and implementing a long-term commercial strategy
  • Restructured the sales and commission infrastructure and all HR processes to mitigate risk whilst driving client acquisition and retention
  • Secured Board approval for a 5-year long-term strategic plan to improve revenue, diversify products and capabilities to meet market demand and improve the overall business profile
  • Secured multimillion-dollar revenue growth

Graham Morgan

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