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Working alongside remarkable business owners and leaders, I know the magic of transforming business operations by applying practical strategies that can bring visions to life and deliver optimised operational management and increased financial outcomes.

Jen Ryder specialises in crafting practical operational strategies that turn visions into reality.

For over 15 years, she has been a right-hand key executive to remarkable business owners and leaders. In that time Jen has led cultural transformations, facilitated strategic change management, and developed and optimised systems across the gamut of business operations. As well as playing a key role in the sale of a business to an ASX listed entity and the following transition.

Passionate about authentic vision, strategic growth, nurturing talent, making a positive impact, and supporting those that manifest unwavering conviction towards a worthy goal. Jen believes in the power of a cohesive and dynamic leadership team, working together to transform business operations that create strategic realities.

As a leader and coach, she inspires accountability and a hunger for sustainable growth and exceptional service offerings through her desire to challenge for the benefit of a business and its stakeholders. At the heart of this is a deep desire to deliver tangible and profitable outcomes while growing those around her through a focused, courageous, nurturing approach to driving outcomes and maintaining accountability.

As a previously long-standing KEY group member at TEC, Jen has lived the TEC experience and is a dyed in the wool advocate. It has been this TEC journey that has in large part honed Jen’s business acumen, leadership, mentoring and coaching skills and transformed her life and career.

Professional career highlights include:

  • Over 15 years’ senior leadership experience in professional services in Australia and Canada.
  • Doubled revenue, footprint, and headcount of a professional services firm through to acquisition by a ASX listed company.
  • Key contributor to business model, business plan, prospectus, collateral and due diligence framework for a national legal services network.
  • MBA in Human Resources Management (HRM).
  • KEY group member for over 7 years.
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