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As an experienced executive coach, I’ve always been fascinated by the journey people take to reach their full potential. With a proven track record of helping leaders and teams achieve success, my mission is to empower individuals to become their best selves.

Danielle is a seasoned leadership and communications coach and facilitator, working with high-level executives, entrepreneurs, and teams across Australia, Greater China, New Zealand, and the United States. Shaped by her own journey of challenge and adversity her quality of grit and resilience makes her relatable to others, and where her empathy shines brightest.

Early in her career Danielle acquired invaluable expertise in the art of pitching, negotiation, and effective communication. Yet, it was during her decade-long tenure in The People’s Republic of China that she honed her craft, and her proficiency in deciphering the myriad of challenging communication styles. Navigating a rapidly changing, and often uncertain market, she developed distinctive and divergent communication approaches.

With a proven track record Danielle works with business leaders to cultivate a coaching culture, fostering open communication, trust and collaboration, leveraging the competitive value of real insights and support. By developing feedback skills and facilitating conversation, Danielle works with leaders to get unvarnished views of themselves and the world. With this diverse perspective, she’s helped leaders become more productive, creative, and resilient.

Danielle’s coaching style is characterised by a harmonious interplay of empathy and light-heartedness. By coupling an authentic curiosity for what motivates individuals with a generous dose of humour and sensitivity, she aims to foster a set of complete ease and trust.

Highlights from Danielle’s career include:

  • Executive and leadership consulting roles for 10+ years in APAC region
  • Lived and worked in the People’s Republic of China for 10+ years in global marketing role
  • TEDx Shanghai Women Speaker 2015
  • Seasoned global communications coach with proven track record in building leadership influence and high-functioning teams
  • Career transition

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Danielle Jorgensen

Leading through critical moments: Empowering transformation

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