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‘TEC gives its members the confidence and support network to make smarter and better decisions. It challenges its members, while giving them a safe environment to take action. It’s an opportunity for leaders to learn from each other and grow in ways they never knew possible.’

With great innovation comes great organisational change, and Jon Lindsay has had extensive experience in both. He’s an expert in strategy development and change management and has guided businesses and business leaders through high growth periods, both as a leader and as a business coach.

Jon is a renowned innovator across many fields, introducing new standards and ways of thinking to the businesses he has helmed. He drives change for the better and encourages new generations of leaders to do the same.

He’s passionate about helping senior executives build the confidence to make smarter and daring decisions, by providing expert advice and support in the form of a challenging but supportive coaching style.

Jon has held a wide array of senior executive roles across a range of industries, including international manufacturing, distribution, and business-to-business service industries. He has established a track record as an innovator and a leader of industry change. Highlights from his career include:

  • Graduated from Cambridge University as a Civil Engineer and received an MBA from Harvard
  • Worked for an international contractor in the UK, Middle East, and the Caribbean.
  • Became a Managing Director for the first time at the age of 34, running a 150-year-old industrial textiles business.
  • Ran two of the UK’s largest credit insurers and was on the board of, at the time, the largest credit insurer in the world based in the Netherlands.
  • Developed one of the UK’s leading independent invoice financiers
  • Chairman of the Trade Credit Insurance Committee of the Association of British Insurers during the mid-2000s.
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