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‘As a seasoned negotiator and executive leader, I understand that successful outcomes are not always about commercial wins. Sometimes the critical outcome is about personal growth that sets the member up for future success.’

Camille is a successful entrepreneur, with a foundation in capital markets, specialising in private equity and venture capital, and extensive experience in M&A. He transitioned into leadership roles within start-ups, honing his skills as CEO and COO to drive global business ventures.

His experience spans over thirty years and includes leadership across several successful investments in the healthcare, resource, and agricultural sectors, while having lived and worked in Australia, Canada and Europe.

During this period, he has built a trusted international network of business, financial and investor partnerships that have supported the commercialisation of several successful companies from start-up through to divesture.

Alongside Chairing a TEC Group Camille is a Co-founder and Chairman of Clear Sand Ventures – supporting the incubation, commercialisation and scaling of high-conviction start-ups and Executive Director, Development at QADO Group.

Camille brings his ability to make strong business decisions to both the boardroom and the negotiation table, providing invaluable strategic clarity to ventures he is involved in. His commitment to resolving business issues and creating innovative value-based strategies has shaped the success of these ventures.

He is passionate about the value of values, and while some may see values and ethics as constraints in business, Camille regards these as potent tools for identifying the best long-term course of action in addition to a unique pathway to creative ideas and solutions.

Professional highlights include:

  • Commercialisation of several successful companies from start-up through to divesture.
  • Executive Director, Development at QADO Group – Their mission: To develop innovative technology-based opportunities for industrial and resource sector companies in the global transition to net-zero emissions while maximizing economic and social outcomes.
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