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I’ve learned firsthand the importance of embracing discomfort and challenging conventional wisdom. Growth often lies beyond the boundaries of familiarity. By committing to stepping outside your comfort zone daily, you open yourself up to new opportunities and possibilities for success. Whether it’s entering new markets, adopting innovative strategies, or pursuing unconventional ideas, embracing discomfort can lead to significant growth and achievement in business.’

Committed to stepping outside of his comfort zone, Guy Givoni’s 20+ year international career has spanned diverse industry sectors including telecommunication, agriculture, cybersecurity, drones, and enterprise B2B. This experience, coupled with his continuous learning mindset, has allowed him to foster innovation and drive transformation in these industries.

As the CEO and co-founder of a startup, recognised in Forbes’ top 20 to watch, Guy has proven his ability to challenge the status quo and drive growth. His deep commitment shows in his ability to scale businesses from scratch to an impressive $85M in revenue. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, he raised $1.5M in funding over Zoom calls, showcasing adaptability and resilience, and assisted an international company in listing on the ASX, achieved within three years of migrating to Australia.

Guy’s success lies in his trust in people and dedication to their growth, leading high-performing teams across regions such as Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America whilst navigating complex business processes in culturally diverse environments.  

As a lifelong learner, Guy integrates people, science and technology. Mentoring aspiring founders and tech professionals to foster a culture of knowledge-sharing and growth. His commitment extends to his role as a TEC Chair, where he promotes continuous learning, challenges assumptions with radical candour and fosters a growth mindset within a safe environment of trust and mutual care.

Career highlights include:

  • CEO and co-founder of a Forbes 20 startup to watch
  • Scaled businesses from scratch to $85M revenue, having 20+ years of tech-business experience
  • Raised funding of $1.5M during Covid-19 over Zoom calls.
  • Recruited and led high-performing teams in AU, Asia, Middle East and Latin-America. Together we scaled global businesses tackling complex business processes and culturally diverse environments.
  • Life-long learner passionate about bringing people, science and technology together
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