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Julian Perry – Wine-Searcher

Diverse thinking: Peer networking has supported an overseas move and growth of a global organisation

‘TEC combines the value of one-on-one and peer mentoring with diversity of thought. From day one of being involved in Wine-Searcher in New Zealand, it’s been absolutely invaluable to have a network of people who have expertise in areas I don’t – it complements and challenges my leadership in a necessary way.’

When I relocated from the UK in 2018, I had no previous experience running a business in New Zealand. From day one, TEC offered me the opportunity to build my local knowledge, grow a network of like-minded peers and seek advice to support the growth of our global company.

TEC is a safe place where members can let their guard down

I’ve benefited enormously from hearing about the dos, don’ts and norms in the New Zealand business world. And on the flip side, I hope the diversity of my UK background has also benefited my group.

Through the breadth of topics my group faces, I’ve built awareness of wider business issues and a framework for improving my own capabilities. Coming from a range of different industries and backgrounds, we learn from each other and offer insights into how things can be done from different perspectives.

TEC fosters the success of its members and develops leadership skills

‘When there are issues which are difficult to discuss with people within your own organisation, TEC offers the safe outlet of connecting with fellow leaders completely outside of your business’s world.’

My fellow Kiwi members have supported me in a number of crucial business decisions over the years, including a key operational restructure I implemented in my early days in New Zealand as CEO. New Zealand and the UK have similar, yet different corporate frameworks, particularly when it comes to employment law. I was in the deep end at the time, but my TEC group offered insight on different approaches and reassurance that I was taking a sensible path.

In our group, we are undoubtedly driven with respect for each other’s positions and success, but we also challenge each other when needed. It’s a balance – it punches you when you need it and keeps you on your toes.

This is the beauty of TEC – your fellow members don’t have skin in the game like you do. They are your experts and sounding boards who force you to think outside the box, expand your mind and ultimately achieve successes you might not have on your own accord.

About Julian: 

Julian Perry is an experienced CEO who is passionate about how software, systems and the Internet change and improve the world. He is CEO of global business, Wine-Searcher, based out of New Zealand, serving the world-wide community searching for wines, spirits and beers. Julian started a web development and hosting business in 1995, survived the burst of the dot-com bubble, and went on to work closely with the wine trade for 25 years. 

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