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Jarrod Graetz – PositiveMedia

When executive leaders need perspective and guidance, they can turn to peer mentoring

‘I understood the huge benefit that I was getting out of TEC in terms of my personal growth, and I really wanted my team to have that same experience. I knew TEC would help grow my team in leadership development, business and commercial acumen’

CEOs and business leaders often describe the pressure of feeling like they need to have all the answers. TEC’s peer mentoring programs enable leaders to consistently seek the trusted perspectives of others to inform and enhance decision-making.

The KEY Executive Program is designed for senior executives who want to push their leadership abilities to the next level. Involving your executive team in peer mentoring can assist in evolving current leaders and supporting emerging leaders inside your organisation so they too can be certain in their next business decisions.

A safe space to test ideas and build connections

‘Since joining all of them have expressed how crucial it has been to their development. My team have gained important insights on the importance of having a connection with a group of people in a similar position. They use TEC a safe space to test their ideas and get value out of the great speakers facilitated by TEC.’

Having been a TEC member since 2013, Jarrod Graetz, CEO at PositiveMedia has experienced firsthand the power of peer mentoring. Believing his executive team would benefit from it too, he introduced a number of senior leaders to TEC.

While his team had no idea what to expect when they first joined TEC, Jarrod believes getting his team involved in peer mentoring was exactly what they needed.

Building agile and resilient leaders

‘TEC has given my team an opportunity for great experience without them really needing to go elsewhere to develop.  Being a part of a peer mentoring group has helped to broaden their horizons and knowing they’re on the same journey as me has taken some pressure off as CEO.’

The KEY experience has helped his team enhance the quality of their leadership and their decision-making, and has influenced how they communicate in the workplace, ultimately serving as a benefit to the company overall.

‘Every single person who joined KEY has grown quite a bit. Whether that is analysis or commercial ability. Individually they’ve become more agile and resilient leaders. Their communication abilities have increased, and they’ve grown in their maturity, being able to connect with others in the group and have implemented many key learnings into their work,’ says Jarrod.

TEC has been a great investment for Jarrod and his team.

‘We’ve used TEC as a great development tool for our leaders. It’s that shot of adrenaline many executives need in order to be able to move people through to the next stage of development a lot quicker,’ says Jarrod.

‘I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TEC for anyone who’s got executive team members rising through the ranks,’ concludes Jarrod.

About Jarrod Graetz

Jarrod almost 25 years in the radio industry covering commercial, community and Christian radio stations across Australia and the Middle East. His primary role at Christian media organisation PositiveMedia is to be a futuristic visionary, providing leadership and strategic direction to more than 40 staff members and 70+ volunteers. Jarrod is passionate about forging business partnerships that impact communities. His role encompasses recruitment, budgets, contracts, and external vendor and partner relationships.

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