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‘Many leaders never achieve their audacious goals because of invisible barriers, as a coach and mentor I help members work through those barriers and my greatest moments are when my members achieve their personal or professional goals.’

As a highly experienced mentor and coach for almost 30 years, John Broons’ strengths lie in simplifying the complexities of business leadership, ownership, people and culture for the next generation of business leaders.

Members of John’s TEC group enjoy his easy and approachable manner, his collaborative and challenging approach and his skill for helping them dig deeper in their efforts to build stronger businesses.

During a career spanning more than 40 years, John’s worked with business owners and executives to create, challenge and focus their business strategy, sharing his expertise through engagements as a professional facilitator, coach, presenter, and Keynote Speaker.

During his time within his third-generation family-owned company, John was able to hone and stretch his business management skills and experience first-hand the complex dynamics of a company structure.

John frequently draws on his personal experiences and shares them as examples (of both good and bad) when helping executives build their own company legacy and establishing positive, open environments and cultures. His career highlights include:

  • Specialist Accredited Family Advisor with Family Business Australia
  • Family business specialist and trusted advisor to families in business
  • Ability to simplify the complexities of business leadership, ownership, people and culture
  • Works with business owners and executives on creating, challenging and focusing their business strategy
  • Family Business Australia Western Australia Committee Member

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John Broons

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